If you're looking for the
RFTech (EWIG) 683F03 Weather Station Manual,
look no further. 

You've found it!

Back in November, 2003 I searched and searched and finally found a customer service email address at ewig-ind.com/ewig/ (Update 10/28/07: The site is no longer there)

I actually got an email reply with the manual in .PDF format for my model RF-Tech EWIG 683F03 433MHz Weather Station.

I posted a message to the www.RFTECH.co.kr web site at and uploaded the file to my web space. 
But my space was limited so after a few months I removed it.

However, in the past 4 years I've received DOZENS of requests for this little manual. 
I can't believe so many people still need this little one page instruction manual (or that I'm the only source for it :-). 
Hey, maybe I could Sell it on Ebay!  Nah. 

Here it is again, posted for your convenience.


(Don't click the link!  Instead, RIGHT-CLICK on the link and select Save Target As... and save it to your hard drive. Then open it there.)
(Note it's about 500K in size and the letters are CaSe SEnsitive!)

BTW, the www.RFTECH.co.kr website is a different and completely unrelated company
from the one that makes the weather station. But people keep posting there looking for the manual, so what the hey.


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This page was last updated and posted on 2/06/2012